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Eat Fresco: Balsamic Glazed Grilled Salmon lunch

You know what's really unexpected? Flavorful salmon and rice orzo prepackaged in a microwavable plate. It's like getting dry gouda in a can of pressurized cheese

My expectations dropped further when I saw the thing make its own hot-air casket. A dead fish was performing sedentary bikram yoga.

But it came out flaky and delicious. It had great texture, the orzo had good bite — it wasn't cooked to mush — and there was nothing weird about it at all. It didn't even fill up the office break room with that much-maligned fishy smell. I got compliments.
It needed salt1, but I'd definitely get another. It's pretty scrumptious.
Deja poop score: 0/10. Not poopy at all.
Fish on via Eat Fresco Foods, at

1 I am a fiend for salt. Food is just a vehicle for sodium chloride.