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The Yes Bar Macadamia Chocolate Chip

A solid replacement for a traditional chocolate chip cookie. There's a subtle flavor of beans at first, but the sweet and chocolaty flavors take over quickly. I like it. It's dense, more like a granola bar than a cookie, so not suitable for dunking. What surprised me is that just one cookie (the package's contents) is 200 calories. Maybe that's not a lot, but it sure sounds like it. Deja poop score: 4/10. Not being log-shaped definitely helps. Product info:

Field Day Organic Original Coconut Bar

It's like eating the inside of an Almond Joy, but with an actual coconut texture and not the weird paste-like consistency. This is delicious. Would eat again. Deja poop score: 0 (no relation) Product info:

Sweet Meat Organic Classic Teryiaki Beef Jerky

There is nothing wrong with dirty hippie jerky. It's made from real meat! I'm glad tofu jerky isn't a thing. But if it exists, and especially if it looks like poop, I will try it. These are my sacrifices to you, dear reader. Product info: