Nongshim Shrimp Crackers

One of my co-workers is Korean. To show gratitude for some projects I helped her with, she got me some Korean snacks. These are shrimp crackers, which are apparently a popular salty treat. I dug in.

Upon opening the bag, a wave of fishy ocean scent hit my nose. I was afraid. I knew that smell. You might know it too.

Its texture is remarkably similar to Cheetos, with a taste that's somehow reminiscent of plain Pringles (or, in marketing-speak, "Original Flavor"), even though they're wheat snacks, not potato.

The ingredients list also features ground shrimp, which is news to me. I thought they lived in the water.

But the actual flavor is really mild... right up until you burp. Then the fish-market smell burbles out of your gut like steam from a boiling chum bucket.

Sorry, it's not really gross at all. I just couldn't resist the visual. At most it's a bit unusual, but if you're a fan of seafood it's probably an irrisistible snack.

Deja Poo Score: 0/10, unless you're a surfer or eat only seafood. Then the smell of your poo might be reminiscent.

Catch a whiff of these things, which are "Shrimp Flavored Crackers" for the American market, at the Nongshim website.


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