Nutty Goodness Espress Yourself Fruit and Nut Bites

I think they gave this flavor such a tired name because they use espresso in the mix with whatever else they press together to form this vegan imitation-jerky. It's also clear by their other flavor names ("Nana Rama," "Berry Good") that they have a preference for '80s synth pop and lack creativity. They're not referencing NWA or Mahesh Babu.

I'm glad they don't try to call this beef jerky, even though it seems it's trying to look like the stuff or act as a replacement. It is not, and it doesn't have the protein content to even begin pretending.

It is, however, halfway decent fruit leather—albeit with a typical-hippie grainy texture. Maybe that's the espresso. It's not particularly chewy. Not a satisfying bite. The nuts embedded give no resistance.

The bag tells me to take back the snack. I'm not sure these pressed-date triangles would be an effective fighter in the wars over food supremacy. They lack diversity of flavor or texture. But they're at least high in fiber.

This little package packs 200 calories. I suppose that makes it a reasonable snack. The flavor is more satisfying as I eat more. Yeah, I think I'd have it again.

Deja Poop Score: 7 out of 10. Sure, it's brown and chunky, but it doesn't clear the Brownie Bar.


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