Jennies Double Chocolate Sea Salt Macaroons

It's hard to figure out why "Jennies" doesn't have an apostrophe. It's consistently without one on their website, but their About page is blank. Is Jennies a nickname for Jens? Is the Macaroon King of German descent? Is it a simple mistake carried all the way through packaging and website design, and if so, who is Jennie and why is she a king?

Grammatical curiosities aside, this snack takes the add-salt-to-chocolate trend and applies it to what must've already been an existing line of macaroons, since the company offers several varieties. Maybe it's too rich and decadent without the salt.

Unlike some chocolate-and-sea-salt snacks, the salt is substantial and therefore a bit of a surprise. It's not bad, mind you. I'm just saying most snacks I've tried of that variety pay only lip service to the salt part. Jennies (whoever that is) manages to do it without overdoing it.

These are excellent. It was difficult to control myself so I wouldn't:
1. Eat a whole package in one day, and
B. Eat a whole package before taking photos or writing anything.

It's a good thing I paced myself. Each macaroon is an incredible 145 calories. Finish one of these boxes and you might as well stop eating for the day.

Hershey claims its Kisses are so named because they say it looks like the machine is kissing the conveyor belt, but I always thought it looked more like it was taking a shit. If you triple the size, add caramel, plus coconut for texture, and drizzle more chocolate on top, you get one of these fantastic turds. Deja Poop Score: 10/10.

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