Taos Mountain Toasted Coconut Energy Bar

Look, I get that it's the cool thing to use "artisan" in your product literature these days, but this is a rectangle of nuts unceremoniously cut, like a bar of soap, from a much bigger rectangle of same. "Artisan crafted" in this case just means, at best, that "a human with a recipe poured ingredients into the form and later cut the thing into smaller pieces."

You're not a blacksmith or a cooper or a tanner or a gunsmith or a stonemason. Drop the bullshit.

Anyway, I like coconut, and this tastes like coconut. Unlike other mostly-nut bars, whatever sticky stuff they use to hold it all together is satisfyingly compliant. It's not an impenetrable brick. It's sweet, tasty, doesn't stick to your teeth, and doesn't have the grainy texture of many protein bars.

I'm a big fan of our national parks, so I appreciate that they support the National Parks Foundation. The packaging is attractive. Each flavor features a picture and some details of a landmark, which is cute, and on the other side of the tear flap are the nutri—holy moly.

300 calories, 19 grams of fat (29% DV). It's also got lots of fiber and protein, but man, fat makes up almost 30 percent by weight of this 62-gram (2.2-ounce) bar.

Hell yes, would eat again, but I'm gonna work hard to ignore that Nutrition Facts label.

Deja Poop Score: 1/10. You'd have to be either very imaginative, or very dehydrated and eating nothing but nuts, to see a plop like this.

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