Amy's Andy's Dandy Candy Crispy Candy Bar

Look, I'm not the one who makes up the names for these things. If "Amy's Andy's Dandy Candy Crispy Candy Bar" is tough to parse, that's not my fault. Blame Amy and/or her kitchen for the overabundance of possessives and adjectives. I would explain it all for you, but I have candy to eat and poop comparisons to make. I'm a busy man.

This is a candy bar, so it suffers none of the difficulties of protein bars. Meaning it's not difficult to make it look good and taste good. The dark chocolate exterior is mild to moderate: not too bitter, not too sweet. There's enough cocoa content to retain that good dark-chocolate scent. They hit a tasty balance for a candy bar. What I assume is a mix of rice and almond bits in the middle provide a satisfying crunch.

There are two individual bars in that wrapper. At 100 calories, one bar makes a decent-but-small snack. Eat both, as I just did, and suddenly you're in Snickers territory.

Being certified organic, non-GMO, no HFCS, etc. etc. makes fuck-all of a difference when you're chowing down 26% of day's saturated fat in a mid-morning snack. If you're concerned about your health, don't eat candy bars at all, chubster. Just walk away.

If you're hungry for something delicious, this one meets that mark very well and doesn't look a whole lot like poop. Would eat again, though sparingly.

Deja Poop Score: 4/10. It's covered in chocolate, so some resemblance is inevitable.

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