Coco Libre Cucumber Lemongrass flavored sparkling coconut water

My wife took a sip, and in a sour face said, "That's disgusting."

This drink takes all the joy of coconut water, its light creaminess, and replaces it with a combination of tart lemongrass & carbonation with the similar-to-coconut mellow green flavor of cucumber water. It might combine well with vodka or maybe a spiced rum.

I don't know if I'd call it disgusting, quite. It does have a certain refreshing quality. But it's so tart that it makes me shudder and the hairs on my neck stand up. The tastes compete with one another and I continually go back to have one more sip. Not so much because I enjoy it, but more out of the morbid curiosity I have for trying to describe its unique, strange combination.

Which prompted my wife, "You're still drinking that?"

For you, dear reader. For you. But not again.

Deja Urine Score: post-coital cloudy. Not recommended for post-coital rehydration unless you hate afterglow.

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