Tanka Hot Pepper Buffalo Meat Stick

Turn up the spice! The Hot Pepper flavor (with cranberries, wild rice and peppers, says the package) is actually plenty hot. The rice grains are maybe partially cooked, because they're slightly crunchy, chewable. It's unusual. Unlike Tanka's bigger, tastier meat bar (that's not an euphemism), I couldn't actually identify the cranberry in this.

Whatever they use as a skin on this thing is a bit more paper-like than any other I've had. It's got more snap to it than even Macho Man could muster, but brother, I'm yearning for more flavor than just this flat spiciness. It's compressed sawdust with pepper.

Maybe I'm expecting too much of a meat stick.

Deja Poop Score: 1/10, standard for meat sticks.

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  1. Never had a Lincoln log poo?

    1. Not quite that skinny, no. But I appreciate your outlook.


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